About Cano

CANO is a young shoe brand that stands for sustainably and ethically handmade Mexican huaraches. Together with our Mexican Artisans, CANO develops shoe designs that combine the traditional huarache with modern shoe models. Believing in the outstanding abilities of our artisans to produce the finest huaraches, CANO follows a clear vision:

Put Mexican craftsmanship on the international fashion landscape and give the artisans the credit they deserve by introducing their high quality handcrafted huaraches as a stylish, ethical and sustainable alternative to fast fashion.

To accomplish this vision, every CANO shoe is handcrafted in Mexico. All our models are designed in close collaboration with our artisans and every step of our production is discussed and planned together. Are you interested in our approach? Then read more about CANO's story and philosophy by following the links below.

CANO's Production

We transparently show every part of our production. Feel free to check out the manufacturing of our huaraches step by step.

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CANO's Story

If you want to find out more about the faces behind CANO and how everything started, check out CANO’s Story.

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CANO's Philosophy

To find out what we understand of sustainable and ethical manufacturing, have a look at CANO’s Philosophy.

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