Cano's Story

The Faces Behind CANO

We are Lukas and Philipp, old high-school friends, Mexico-Admirers, and the founders of CANO. Ever since we finished our studies, all our passion has been dedicated to our mission of creating high quality handcrafted huaraches and promoting its sustainable craftsmanship in the international fashion world. Hence, CANO is the result of several trips to Mexico, countless brainstorming sessions and all our efforts to make this mission come true.

The Beginning

Our story starts back in 2014 when we came to Mexico to study. Coming from Europe, we were overwhelmed by Mexico’s vibrant culture, warm climate and delicious food. Only one thing mesmerized us even more – the Mexican Huarache Sandals. A beautifully handcrafted shoe that we kept seeing all around the country. Even when we had already left Mexico, the huarache did not leave our minds. Right there and then, we decided we should bring the huarache and its craftsmanship to Europe. And that is how it all started.

The Artisans

The Mexican huaraches are handcrafted by artisans who dedicate their lives to keep this century-old tradition alive in a world dominated by machine-produced fast-fashion. The weaving technique of the handmade huaraches has its roots in the Aztec culture and has since been inherited and improved from generation to generation. Following this technique, every huarache needs several hours of attention to create the fine-woven leather patterns.

Gif showing the production of the Cano shoe
Gif showing the production of the Cano shoe

The Journey

For our mission to bring handmade huaraches to Europe, we had to find Mexico's best artisans. So we packed our bags and traveled across Mexico. On our trip we passed Jalisco’s multi-million-metropolis, Guadalajara, Mexico’s shoe capital, Leon, and the UNESCO world heritage, Guanajuato. However, we eventually found the artisans that we were looking for in a small town in the central Mexican state of Michoacán.

The Design

To create the shoes we wanted, we had to find a way to blend the traditional with the modern. Therefore, together with our artisans we designed shoes, which integrate the traditional Mexican huarache weaving patterns into European classic shoe models. After several months, we achieved the result: Our CANO Shoes - the stylish, ethical and sustainable alternative to fast-fashion products. Thanks to their light and elegant designs, our models are the perfect summer shoes for every occasion and outfit.

Our Fashion Claim

With our handmade huaraches, CANO strives to combine our three bases of fashion – uniqueness, quality and comfort. Uniqueness. Every shoe incorporates the traditional weaving pattern of the traditional huarache and is handmade by our Mexican artisans. This distinguishes them from any other product available on the market. Quality. All our Mexican huarache shoes are made out of the most carefully sourced materials and finished by the best artisans Mexico has to offer. Comfort. With our design teams and the exceptional skills of our artisans, we have been able to design and develop incomparably comfortable products.