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CANO visits Berlin

By October 23, 2017 April 7th, 2018 No Comments

CANO finds its inspiration all around the world. That is why we love to travel. Just recently Cano had a visit in Berlin, the big city in the East of Germany that holds a lot of history, but has a young heart.

Famous for its mixed architecture, cute cafes and rich history, we started our journey in Mitte, the city centre of Berlin. Here we passed the city’s most well-known historical places, such as Checkpoint Charlie, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, and the Brandenburger Tor.

cano visits berlin showing housing front
cano in berlin showing housing front

Then we continued our visit in Berlin just outside of Mitte, in neighbouring Friedrichshain, notorious for its remainders of the Berlin wall covered in street art along the Spree. The wall, better known as the East-Side Gallery, was opened to the public in 1990 when it was painted over by 118 artists from 21 different countries. The often politically loaded paintings are incredibly powerful and highlight messages of peace, understanding, and equality. A walk across this wall is definitely recommended, but make sure to wear your most comfy Canos, because it is quite a walk!

cano berlin wall travel blog
huarache cano lola bronze berlin wall
huarache cano lola bronze berlin wall

To end the day and our visit in Berlin, we went to Neu Köln to see the beautiful skyline of Berlin and enjoy a beer in a rooftop bar called “Klunker Kranich”. The bar offers a great view over the, by the sunset illuminated, city and we couldn’t have wished for a better way to end this great trip.

cano in berlin klunker kranich
cano in berlin klunker kranich




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