How to care for Huaraches

After receiving your CANOs you will want to enjoy them for as long as possible. As leather is a natural product, it might dry out over time and cracks can appear. To prevent this from happening, it is very important to take proper care of your shoes. How you can care for huaraches, you will find below!

cano cover image showing caring materials for shoes

1. Use the right equipment!

Shoe Trees
A shoe tree is a potential trump card in the fight for keeping shoes in a good shape. After you have worn your shoes for a long period, the shoe tree ensures that it will be pushed in its original and ideal shape. Besides, it will work against fine lines in the shoe where the feet bend. Finally, as long as the shoe tree is made out of wood, it absorbs moisture and enables the shoes to breathe. Therefore, to care for huaraches, it is very wise to use a shoe tree, especially in the first hours after taking off the shoes!

Shoe Horn

Despite being old-school and probably connected to your granddad, a shoe horn ensures that you can easily slide into your shoe. Thereby it protects the shape of the leather shoe. Besides that, it is actually a very relaxed way to put on the shoe, so try it out!

Horse Hair Brush

Since horse hair brushes are rather hard, they perfectly remove old polish of the shoe while evenly spreading new polish over it. Therefore, horse hair brushes are a great tool to treat your leather shoes the right way. Just make sure that you use a fitting brush. Darker horse hair brushes are used for spreading darker polishes, whereas lighter ones are used for lighter polishes.

2. Clean your shoes the right way!

In order to clean your leather shoes properly, rub of stains and dirt with a damp cloth or a horse brush. A shoe cleaner will further help to clean your shoes. Shoe cleaners come in different forms, from sprays and gels over foam and cream to liquids. Some cleaners even have an applicator top that replaces the cloth. (Independent from the physical condition of the cleaner, make sure that it is high quality and fits leather color and leather type. Since CANOs are made out of smooth leather, only apply cleaner specifically made for smooth leather.)

After the cleaning process, give your shoes some time to dry. Finally, you can start to rub over the shoes with a specialized soft cotton cloth or any old cotton t-shirt of yours. After you have finished with this step, you can start with conditioning your shoes, the final step in the process to care for huaraches or any other leather shoe.

3. Condition your leather shoes!

Maybe the most important step in the program to care for huaraches and other leather shoes. This is the case, as conditioning will moisturize the leather and prevent it from drying out. Therefore, depending on the heat the shoe is worn in, you have to condition the more or less often.

Which conditioner to use?
Please be aware that different leather types require different conditioners or polishes. CANOs are made out of smooth leather. Hence, only use conditioner specially designed for smooth leather. Besides, use a conditioner that matches the leather color and ensures that you use a high quality conditioner. Generally, we recommend to use a natural conditioner, as it is more easily absorbed by the leather. In other words, keep your hands away from silicone sprays or synthetic conditioners that remains on the shoe’s surface.

How to condition and polish your shoes?
Use your horsehair brush to rub the conditioner into the shoe through circular rubbing motion. Do so, until the entire upper of the shoes is covered. After that, wait some minutes and wipe the remaining conditioner off of the shoe, since leather only absorbs what it can.

Afterwards, you can apply polish on your shoe with a cloth and in the final step use a specialized horsehair brush to give the shoes a shining glance.

4. General Tipps & Tricks to Care for Huaraches!

Give your shoes a break – even CANOs need one from time to time! Independently, how well feet can breathe in their shoes, a little sweating is normal. In other words, to care for huaraches the right way, give them time to dry and refresh.

Waterproof your shoes before wearing them the first time! Sometimes, we and our shoes get wet. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. But we can prepare us and our shoes. We recommend to waterproof your CANOs before starting to wear them, as one of the most important tasks to care for leather shoes. This will ensure that your shoes will live longer.

Remove laces before cleaning – First of all, this will help to keep your laces clean from cleaner and conditioner while you take care of your huaraches. Second of all, you have the chance to really clean every part of your shoe and treat your leather shoes, as they deserve to be treated.

Use newspaper to dry your CANOs – When your shoes become soaking-wet, do not apply direct heat to them. This might dry the leather too fast which leads to cracks. Therefore, just use common newspaper and store the shoes in a dry room so that they can slowly dry without harming the leather.