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Christmas Present Wrapping Tips

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Christmas is just in front of our doors. Actually, a period to look forward to, as it is said to be one of the cosiest times of the year. However, let’s be honest, Christmas can be the most stressful time of a year as well. The first moment that you can really enjoy your cookies with hot chocolate is when all presents are purchased. Or to be more precise, when all presents are purchased, nicely wrapped and put under the Christmas tree. A big difference, especially for those who realized that Christmas present wrapping can be as difficult as actually getting the present itself. As we know how you are feeling, we wanted to provide some help. Check out our 3 quick and easy Christmas present wrapping tips.

1. Potato Prints for Christmas Present Decoration

Yes, we all did it in kindergarten. Still, if you do potato prints well, they are a really extra. A nice plus; as that everyone will understand the effort behind it, people will give you the credit you deserve! To ensure good results, we wrote you a 4-step plan to create your own potato wrapping paper in the blink of an eye.

1. Cut the Potato

Take the most beautiful potato you have and cut it into two. Make the cut clear and straight to have a proper surface, which you can be used to cut the stamp into. If you already face issues with this step, it might still be the best to check out Tip 2 or Tip 3, as they definitely need less art-skills.

2. Cut the Stemp

Choose a symbol you want to cut into the potato. Choose wisely, as cutting the symbol is a little tougher than drawing it. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose the face of your mother as the stamp-symbol. Trust me, she will never forgive you.

3. Ensure sufficient height of the stamp

After slightly cutting the edges of your symbol into the potato, ensure that the depth is sufficient. We recommend to have a depth of around 2mm to 3mm, as this helps to print the symbol clearly on the wrapping paper.

4. Color the stamp and apply the stamp to the wrapping paper

Hold on, last step! And this one will pay you off for all the effort, you had until this point! Nonetheless, stay alert, since this step decides over success or failure of the mission. Apply paint to the stamp and press it carefully on the wrapping paper. The most important factors are a steady hand as well as the amount of paint you apply to the potato. We recommend to use rather too little than too much paint, as too much paint makes the potato slippery on the wrapping paper. Hence, we applied the color with a small brush to ensure that we don’t have too much paint as well as have the paint evenly spread over the stamp.

2. Paper Garlands for Present Pimping

Check out the pictures below! Doesn’t it look amazing?  This Christmas present wrapping tip is actually super easy with a little preparation.

1. Preparation of Materials

In order to create these paper garlands, the most important step is the preparation of materials. You need a small rope, white paper, some kind of golden pen, as shown in the picture as well as plain wrapping paper that fits the color of the pen.

2. Wrap the Present

Wrap the Christmas present with your wrapping paper. Make sure that the wrapping paper is straight so that it does not have any folds. Usually, this could be an unintentional but nice extra, at this point, however, not recommended.

3. Create the Paper Garlands

After the Christmas present wrapping is done, start to work on the paper garlands. Draw with the golden pen small patterns on the white paper and afterwards cut the paper in small stripes that roughly have the same size. The pattern can be small bubbles or something like circles or spirals shown in our pictures. In the end, you can be super creative at this point, so do whatever comes up in your mind.

4. Fixate Paper Garlands to the Present

After the paper stripes are done, glue them around the small rope. Try to have a similar distance between the individual stripes. After that attach the rope to the present. And that is it – you are done! Doesn’t it look great?!?!

3. Polaroids as the Present Extra

Sounds like a cute idea and is a cute idea! The challenge of this Christmas present wrapping decoration is (1) to find a polaroid and (2) to find a polaroid on which either you or the person you want to give the present to looks actually pleasantly. In case you cannot solve challenge 1, then you can always just print a common foto in the format of a polaroid (that means picture in a square with a small white frame around it). If you have problems with challenge 2, we are very sorry, but there is not much to do about this one… but no worries, maybe Christmas offers the opportunity to take some pictures so that you can use this decoration tip for next year. Anyways, check out the pictures above to see how this Christmas present wrapping can look like.

We hope that you enjoyed our first Christmas present wrapping session with CANO. Let us know which present wrapping tip was your favorite one and whether you want to have a second session with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Merry Christmas,

The Cano Team

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