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CANO auf Kreta

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CANO and the beach? A perfect combination! And where do you get more beach than on an island like Crete – the biggest Greek island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea with round about 300 sunny days a year. This time we spend some beautiful days in the East of the island around the beautiful city, Chania, the the second largest in Crete. The city is famous for its cute old town around the harbor full of small restaurants along the streets following the Mediterranean life style. So if you want a coffee with a beautfiul view on sailing boat leaving and entering the harbor, this is your place to be…


Around Chania, there are many beautiful beaches that just wait for you to come by. Some of them are kilometer long and every wave coming ashore makes you want more and more to jump into the cold and refreshing sea. In the evening, you can enjoy wonderful walks along them – maybe with your beloved one? Btw here your CANOs will be in their element – so don’t forget to wear them! Trust me, it will look amazing!

cano-blog-huarache-crete-beach-golden hour

After we enjoyed too much delicious food and wine, we decided to go for a challenge. So we went for a hike through the famous Samaria Gorge. While walking down from the Omalos Plateau, located at 1600 m above sea level, the 16 km long track down to the sea, you will be overhelmed by all the beautiful nature around you. The hike is most famous for the „Gate“, where the sides of the gorge are 100 meters high and only 4 meters apart and above you circling the vultures. Despite the tough tour, a view and atmosphere worth all the effort!

The Samaria National Park
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