FAQ Section

Do you need help? Find your answers below in our FAQ Section! If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

1. How do I care the best for my CANOs?
The upper of every CANO shoe is 100% leather. Leather has unique and highly desirable characteristics. However, as a natural product, it requires care to remain in a good state. Don’t forget, proper care does not only make your CANOs look good, but also preserves the shoes’ quality and ensures a maximal wearing comfort. Therefore, we have created a detailed plan for you, how to care for your CANOs the best. Please have a look!

2.What is the right shoe size for me?
Our shoes are unique, which means that nothing is as usual. This is also the case for the fit of the shoes. Therefore, it is very important to know, which shoe size will fit you the best to guarantee the optimal wearing comfort. So take out your ruler, measure your feet and check out our shoe size table.

3. What are my payment options on this website?
To ensure a pleasant shopping experience for you, we try to make the payment procedure as comfortable as possible. For us, this includes that we offer you the payment option that you prefer. We accept payments via Paypal, VISA, Mastercard or Maestro. Please choose your preferred payment option in our online shop.

4. How can I return products back to CANO?
We believe that CANO will only remain successful if our customers are satisfied with our products. Hence, if our shoes do not fit your feet our your style, we give you the option to send those back. To make this work, please check out our return & exchange guide.

5. How long does the return process take?
This strongly depends on you. If the shoes do not have the right size or are not fitting your style, you may send the shoes back to us. The moment, we receive your shoes, we will focus on initiating the transfer of the money that you have paid. Therefore, the faster you send the shoes back, the faster you receive your money. Nonetheless, we are not magicians. Please give us a week.

6. What is CANO’s data policy?
Nowadays, the security of data has become an important topic for consumers. Therefore, it is also very important for us and we take it very seriously. Generally speaking, our major goal is to ensure that your data does not get misused and we do everything possible to achieve this goal. Still not convinced? Then check out our data policy for further details.