Cano's Huarache Production

Leather Sourcing

Leather is the most important material of our huarache sandals. Therefore, we put a lot of effort and care in its sourcing. The leather hides come from wide open ranches from the states of Michoacán, Jalisco and Colima to keep transportation short. 

The leather is tanned in Guadalajara following the traditional 200-year-old vegetable-tanning method that takes up to 28 days. The cow hides are dyed using plant and earth-based tanning agents instead of harmful chemicals and are naturally dried outside over multiple days. 

If you want to find out, why we care so much, check out our philosophy page, in which we explain our standpoint towards fair and sustainable manufacturing.

Leather Cutting

From there, the leather hides will take a short ride to Sahuayo, where all our artisans are all located. Before our huarache sandals can be woven by our artisans, first the vegetable tanned leather has to be cut into the right parts and pieces. This is done in a work shop in the center of Sahuayo.

As our shoes mostly consist of the – for the huarache typical – leather strings, these are the most important leather parts. Next to that, other leather parts get cut out of the hides that are also needed for the huaraches.

Shoe Last Preparation

After the leather is cut into the right pieces, it will be mounted on the shoe lasts. The shoe lasts are needed to give the huaraches the right fit. Hence, we have adjusted them several times to give the shoes the perfect fit.

After the shoe lasts are prepared in the workshop, they will be brought to the weaving artisans all around the small city, Sahuayo.

Leather Weaving

Our artisans are mostly mothers that work from their homes. This gives them the chance to follow their profession and to make a living while caring for their children.

Next to all steps of the production, the weaving is 100% handmade. The only tools are a simple weaving needle and their skilled and careful hands. Depending on the huarache’s pattern, the weaving of a pair of huaraches alone may take up to 2 to 3 hours. Hence, they are able to weave up to 3 to 4 pairs a day.

If you want to get to know more about our artisans, check out our blog article about our artians in our blog.

Huarache Soling and Polishing

After the huarache sandals are completely woven, the mostly-finished shoes will be returned to the workshop. There, the huaraches only need to get the right sole and have to be polished to get the great shining appeal. The huarache is completed and is ready to be worn by everyone that loves to wear a comfortable and stylish ethically handcrafted leather shoe.

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