CANO's Philosophy

Why sustainable manufacturing?


We only have this one world! That’s not a new fact, but still an important one to remember when making a decision that impacts the world or its resources. Besides that, we strongly believe that the exploitation of the world’s resources is not only very harmful, but also completely unnecessary. We think that a company’s focus on sustainability does not limit its profit potential. Instead, maximizing the company’s success can go hand-in-hand with sustainable manufacturing and therefore with preserving the world’s well-being.

Carefully Sourced Materials

We care for the environment and show this in the way we source our materials. The leather, as our most important resource, is vegetable tanned following a traditional 200 year old method. Vegetable tanning is an extensive 14-step process that takes up to 28 days. The cow hides are dyed using plant and earth-based tanning agents instead of harmful chemicals and are naturally dried outside over multiple days. Apart from the tanning process, we try to keep our leather as ethical as possible. The cows come from wide-open farms and to keep transportation short and emissions low, all our leather is sourced locally.

Towards Zero Waste

We don’t want to produce unnecessary waste. Hence, in CANO’s manufacturing processes, we strive for zero waste. Luckily, the traditional way of producing Mexican huaraches allows the artisans to use up all the leather of the hide. For common shoe designs, large parts of the hide have to be cut out, which leaves significant amounts of leather in shapes that are unusable for further production. The huarache, on the other hand, is made out of leather strings, which can be cut out of almost any part of the hide leaving almost no remainders. Check out our blog post to find out more about the craftsmanship behind the Mexican huaraches.

Why fair work conditions?


Every company’s most valuable resource is its people, as these create the products or services and are, therefore, responsible for the company’s reason to exist. Many companies seem to forget this fact and we think that it is a major reason for them to fail. The interdependence between CANO and its artisans is obvious, since CANO’s products are based on the century-old weaving technique of the Mexican huaraches. We believe that the key elements to successfully operate in such an interdependence are fairness and trust.

Long-Term Partnership

Our partnership with the Mexican artisans was close right from the start. Spending several months in Mexico every year, we aim to foster this bond. Our common purpose unites us. Together we strive for the goal of promoting handmade Mexican huaraches around the globe. Because of this, both parties closely collaborate in the creation and manufacturing of new models. We treasure the relationship we have built with our artisans, therefore we don’t plan to change our ties any time soon.

Fair Working Conditions

Conclusively, the working conditions of the artisans have always been important to us. This includes fair payment and a good work environment. The focus on handmade manufacturing of the Mexican huaraches allows the artisans to have a lot of freedom regarding their work environment. This especially enables mothers to do their work from home in order to take care of their children while making a living. If you want to find out more, read the interview with one of these mothers in our blog.

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