This is how you determine your ring size

1. Do you already have a ring that fits you well? Great!

Simply measure the diameter of the ring and compare it to these sizes.

2. Don't have a ring that fits you? No problem!

1. Get a piece of thread, yarn or thin rope and a measuring tape.

2. Wrap the string around your finger.
Mark the spot where the string meets again.

3. Now measure that part of the string to determine your ring size.

You can also use a thin strip of paper instead of a string. Or do it directly with a measuring tape to make the process even easier.

What to keep in mind when measuring your ring size

There are some environmental factors that can affect your ring size. Here are our best tips to help you measure it right!

  • The best time of day to measure your ring size is in the evening, when your fingers tend to be larger
  • Take into account the temperature that you're in. When it is warm, fingers tend to swell and when it is cold, they will shrink. Avoid measuring your ring size on a particularly cold or warm day.
  • Your dominant hand tends to be a little bigger, so so if you are right-handed, for example, the fingers on your right hand may have slightly larger ring sizes than your left hand.
  • Other factors can affect ring size include exercising, water retention, pregnancy, ageing and weight change.


Are you in between two sizes? We recommend you to pick the bigger size.

No ruler or measuring tape at hand? On many smartphones you can find or download an app for digital measurements.