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In our previous blog post, we explained the history of Black Friday and its impact on planet and people. Since CANO will not be giving huge discounts this Black Friday weekend, we decided to do something else. To give back.

CANO thinks it's important to support children's education. After all, they are the future of our planet. We especially want to give back to the state Michoacán, a place that gives us so much. That's why we are partnering with the organization Fundación Educa, providing schooling in an indigenous community.

From this Friday 00:00 to Monday 23:59, you can help us support Fundación Educa with your CANO purchase.

Fundación Educa

Fundación Educa is an organization that founds this private schools in Mexico. Over the years, it has founded 95 schools in Mexico with 17,248 students depending on them. By providing high-quality education for kids, they support them to build a better future for themselves and their family.

Fundación Educa has supported Mexican children in indigenous Purépecha communities to get high-quality primary education for over 60 years already. One of the schools is located in Michoacán, near the Pátzcuaro lake where our leather huaraches (huarache means sandal in the Purépecha language) and new mimbre products come from. With the pandemic going on, the school has moved their lessons online. Now the organization is in need of donations to give the families internet connection and tablets to be able to join the classes.

The monthly fee for attending primary school is 600MXN, which is roughly 25 euros. At CANO, we believe that this is a low price to pay for the development of a child and want to support this mission.

Buy a pair of shoes, gift a month of education

We wanted to come up with a Black Friday deal that actually had good impact. So we decided that for every order, we will donate a month of education to a child in Mexico.

For all Crafts collection purchases, we will donate 20% of our revenue to this good cause. Not only on Black Friday, but for all the sales made over the weekend.

Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals

This Weekend of Giving, we are contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Fundación Educa directly helps to achieve SDG 4: Quality Education by setting up schools throughout Mexico. Through sustainability lessons, they also introduce the kids to SDG 13: Climate Action. And by working together, we establish contribute to SDG 17: Partnerships.

By working together on these Global Goals, we work towards achieving a better and more sustainable future for all.

So if you are still looking for a Christmas present, now is the time!


Written by Jessica Teeuw

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