We take responsibility for protecting our environment by implementing processes and using materials that are less-polluting and organically sourced.
We also work with suppliers that share our "planet-first" philosophy and count with certificates that ensure high-quality materials that protect the environment.


Our pieces are consciously designed to become a wardrobe essencial, following an atemporal and timeless style. We aim to manufacture long-lasting pieces made with high quality materials and artisanal techniques.


We have consciously chosen to have our production in Mexico and to work with local partners from Jalisco and Michoacán, to keep our transportation distances short and emissions low while ensuring the most positive social impact.

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sustainably sourced



Huaraches have been traditionally made with real leather and we opted to stick to it for the following reasons:

- It is an incredibly durable material (when taken good care of).
- It is more naturally biodegradable compared to some plant-based alternatives.
- It provides the perfect flexibility and sturdiness required for our special hand-woven technique. Which allows our shoes to be super comfortable and to adjust to the shape of your feet.
- Plus the cowhides we use are a byproduct of the meat industry (solving waste streams).

Natural Rubber (soles)

Natural crepe comes from the indigenous South American tradition of collecting* sap (latex substance) from the Hevea (rubber tree) and then curdling it into thick blocks.

Crepe rubber turns out to be an incredibly flexible and resistant material, giving our shoes the perfect grip while being extra comfortable. This phenomenal material provides long-lasting durability while being 100% biodegradable.

*The sap harvesting process actually helps the trees to thrive.

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The tanneries we work with commit to environmental stewardship and are certified by the Leather Working Group, which audits the tanneries' manufacturing practices, operating permits, raw material sourcing, traceability, use of restricted substances, energy consumption, water usage, air and noise emission and waste management.

Learn more about our partner tanneries BerumaLeFarc and Panamericana.

Upcycled Airplane Tires

Our boots are equipped with an innovative sole made from used rubber tires that would usually go to landfill. We decided to give these tires a second life as soles for our boots, the recycled tire material provides extra durability, grip and, support.

Recycled metals

Our jewelry is crafted with upcylced and recycled metals.




Leather Tanning

The leather used for our huaraches, is vegetable-tanned following a traditional, 200-year-old method and extensive 14-step process that takes up to 28 days.

The cowhides are dyed using plant and earth-based tanning agents instead of harmful chemicals and are naturally dried outside over multiple days.

We selected our suppliers in areas with strict regulations for water treatments, so the water used for tanning the leather is properly purified before returning to Mexico's beautiful rivers and oceans. 



We strive to preserve heritage craftsmanship skills that have been passed from generation to generation.

All our footwear is handcrafted following age-old techniques. A pair of huaraches can take up to 4 hours for just weaving alone. A true piece of craftsmanship, full of tradition and history.

Our Chelsea and charro boots are Goodyear-welted to ensure long-lasting durability. 

We produce in small family-owned workshops. This way, we can ensure our workers' rights and create long-term partnerships (that quickly turn into friendships too!). 

Read all about our Partners and our Fairness approach.


Recycled & organic
  • Our shoe boxes, jewelry boxes, and shipping envelopes are made of FSC-certified paper.

  • Our jewelry comes in an undyed organic cotton bag.
earth-friendly deliveries
  • We worked hard to be able to transport our goods from Mexico to Germany via boat, since it's a long way we are comitted to keep the transport emissions as low as possible.

  • ASENDIA, our logistic partner delivering the orders outside Germany, is now off-setting 100% of their carbon emissions caused by international transport (which amounts to 270,964 tCO2e).

ONGOING process

We are constantly looking for alternatives that keep our impact on this beautiful Planet as low as possible.