CANO & Weddings – The perfect relationship

You are invited to a wedding and you are looking to give your outfit the extra touch? Or maybe you are even planning your own dream wedding and you are looking for the perfect shoes? Our CANOs are not only the coolest summer shoes but also a great alternative to the typical Italian dress shoes. Besides that, on the day that paves the way for an honest and sustainable future, you would want to wear shoes that exactly represent that.

You are not convinced? Then let us tell you more about our CANOs.

CANO's Origin and Production

Our shoes are handcrafted in Mexico, where huaraches are very popular. Huaraches are traditional, handmade leather shoes that are famous for its detailed weaving patterns.

Our Mexican huaraches are made out of vegetable-tanned leather. This means that in the tanning process we do not use any chemicals in the tanning process and solely rely on natural tanning agents. This, of course, results in lower pollution not only in the production process, but also in the degradation of the leather after the disposal after years of wearing your shoes. Our shoes are 100% handmade in our workshops in Mexico and we know all our artisans personally. We have been working hard on improving their working environment. Feel free to check out our understanding of fair working conditions here.

To show the artisanship and faces behind our CANOs, we have developed a mobile application. With this app, you can check out every single step of the supply chain starting with the farms, from where the cow hides come from. All data comes from our artisans in the supply chain, who store their information on an NFC-tag integrated in the sole of our CANOs. Curious? Then check out our transparency solution here.

By the way, due to the weaving patterns, the huaraches perfectly adapt to the shape of your feet. This makes them extremely comfortable. Additionally, the weaving offers a natural flow of air to cool down your feet. Perfect, if you are on a long marriage party.

CANO at Weddings

But back to our actual topic – CANOs at weddings. If you look for a stylish pair of shoes for your marriage, you have come to the right place. Our ZAPATA or our HIDALGO is the perfect choice for every guy that looks for a stylish but traditional pair. For everyone that wants to add a statement to their outfit, should check for our BENITO. Coffee, blue, red or cognac – every color will do its charm.

Of course, our huarache are not only for visitors of a wedding, but als for groom, bride, groomsman or bridesmaid. Independently, our huaraches are a must have for every boho-lover. It would be the best to convince yourself. Enjoy discovering our huaraches handmade in Mexico.

All the best,

Your CANO Team

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