Mexico City. México


Valentina's workshop is located in Mexico City, also where her partner artisans metal casters and gold plating are. But she sources the recycled Silver that she uses for her pieces from a supplier located in Taxco, Guerrero. A globally known silver producer and exporter in Mexico.

The Artisan

About Valentina

She began her career as a fashion designer. But after a while, she felt lost; fabric never offered her the opportunities to fully unleash her creativity. So she started her search for different materials to experiment with. When she reflected on her youth, she remembered the shared interest in carpentry with her father. This sparked the idea of making jewelry. Since then, she has not stopped creating.



Every part of Valentina's creation process is unique, as each material has a different personality. Valentina never prioritizes perfection. Instead, she lets the materials guide her and likes how small flaws make the final result truly unique and like no other. She hopes that her pieces will always accompany their wearer.

''It's important to respect the work of everyone in the supply chain, so I make sure my materials are obtained fairly and consciously.''


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Alejandra Gold Earrings Hammered

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