Sustainable and Fair Fashion Guide to Düsseldorf

Looking for fair and sustainable shops in Düsseldorf?

CANO's main office is based on Düsseldorf, so we know the city very well. We've had plenty of time to explore all the lovely local shops on the weekends. So we bundled our knowledge and put it together in this blog article.

If you're planning to visit our beautiful home city, this Düsseldorf Fair Shopping Guide is for you!

Roberta (Pempelfort)

Roberta wants to make the world better by offering clothes, accessories, and cosmetics made of sustainable materials. In this shop, you will find plenty of organic fashion and fair goods from brands like Dedicated, Organication, and Kite Clothing. The store is mainly focused on womenswear, but there is also a small collection for men and kids.

Address: Nordstraße 71, 40477 Düsseldorf

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10.00-19.00, Sat 10.00-16.00


Green concept store YAVANA specializes in everyday and business clothing from fair fashion labels. The items are made from natural materials and are produced in line with ethical standards by brands like Ecoalf, Lanius, and Knowledge Cotton Apparel. Because of this commitment, YAVANA was awarded the FA!R retail price in 2014.

Brunnenstraße 32, 40223 Düsseldorf, Germany

Openings hours: Tue-Fri 12.00-19.00, Sat 12.00-16.00

Hessnatur (Altstadt)

In the beautiful store on Carlsplatz, Hessnatur presents its sustainable clothing collection for men, women, and kids. In the 400 square meter store, you can also find eco-friendly home items like linen bedding, organic cotton towels, and bio-wool rugs.

Address: Carlsplatz 21, 40213 Düsseldorf

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10.00-18.00

The Gentleman Side (Oberkassel)

The Gentleman Side is a store in the upscale neighborhood Oberkassel. The store is catered towards real gentlemen, as the name already suggests ;) The collection is chosen to reflect the store's values: quality, sustainability, and tradition. With the sharp eye of owner Andreas Günther, you can find a refined and unique outfit that is never boring.

Address: Luegallee 130, 40545 Düsseldorf

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10.00-18.30, Sat 10.00-16.00

Langbrett (Flingern Nord)

Langbrett is an ethical German surf and skate brand with a focus on organic, fair, non-chemical, and handmade products that do not harm people or the environment. Langbrett has a conscious outdoor store in Düsseldorf where the brand sells its products.

Address: Ackerstraße 113, 40233 Düsseldorf, Germany

Openings hours: Mon-Fri 11.00-19.00, Sat 10.00-17.00

Green Guerillas (Flingern Nord)

Green Guerillas is located in the building next to Langbrett, so you can't miss this one! The store has a nice range of ethical fashion for men and women, with brands like ARMEDANGELS, Komodo, and Nudie Jeans.

Address: Ackerstraße 113A, 40233 Düsseldorf

Openings hours: Mon-Fri 11.00-19.00, Sat 10.00-17.00

Wunderwerk (Flingern Nord)

Just 100 meters from Langbrett and Green Guerillas, you'll find Wunderwerk's ethical fashion store. The brand Wunderwerk, founded in Düsseldorf, is targeted to stylish men and women who want to combine fashion and sustainability. Fun fact: the front of the building is dedicated to the store and in the back, Wunderwerk has a small factory and its headquarters.

Address: Ackerstraße 133, 40233 Düsseldorf, Germany

Openings hours: Mon-Fri 11.00-19.00, Sat 10.00-18.00

PLUP (Flingern Nord)

Across the intersection with Hermannstraße, you will find PLUP Planet Upcycling. This upcycling store offers a range of clothing and accessories. As the name already suggests, the products are upcycled from various materials. The perfect store if you're looking for a unique gift.

Address: Ackerstraße 168B, 40233 Düsseldorf, Germany

Openings hours: Tue-Wed 14.00-19.00, Thu-Fri 11.00-19.00, Sat 11.00-16.00

We hope you enjoyed this sustainable and ethical Düsseldorf shopping guide!

Check out this Google Maps list in which all listed stores are included, so you can find the stores with no hassle.

Which store would you like to visit? And do you have any recommendations for us? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Jessica Teeuw

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