Anti-fatigue mats for our artisans

Since we are deeply grateful for the work of our artisans, we try to give back to the community as much as we can. And last year we got an amazing opportunity...

Do you remember that Germany reduced its VAT by 3% last year? If you need a refresher, check out this post. We put together all the money we saved with this measure and raised money to improve the working conditions of our artisans.

At first, we were planning to buy new chairs for our weavers to improve their posture. But after speaking to the women, we realized that they preferred their normal stools for weaving and would probably not even use the chairs. So our search continued.

Anti-fatigue mats

After more asking around, we decided that anti-fatigue mats would create the most benefits for our artisans' well-being and health.

Anti-fatigue mats reduce slip and fall injuries, preventing injury and fatigue. They also reduce back pain and stress when standing for longer periods of time. And since they're movable, they can be flexibly used in the workshop and when the artisans work from home.

Handing out the mats to our artisans

We drove from Guadalajara to Sahuayo on Friday morning. When we got there, we were all so happy to see each other. Our communication has been mostly online since the pandemic started, so it was very special to see each other again - even if it was at a distance.

We couldn't hug or shake hands because of the COVID-19 workshop protocols, but the gratitude and appreciation from both sides could be felt all around as we went around the workshop to hand out the mats. One of our artisans even said that the mats were just what he needed with his difficult back.

It was a deeply touching experience.

Check out the video

We filmed our trip to the huarache workshop so we could take you along.


Written by Maria Puga & Jessica Teeuw

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