6 ways to become a more conscious consumer

We all know that our lifestyle and consumption habits affect the earth and its inhabitants. The fashion industry is actually one of the biggest contributors to climate change. But there are ways to go around this and to use fashion for good.

Here are 6 steps you can take to become a more conscious fashion consumer.

1. Educate yourself on the fashion industry

The first step to becoming more conscious is educating yourself. By knowing what is going on in the fashion industry, you're more likely to understand just how impactful your shopping behavior is.

There are great resources such as podcasts and blogs available online, but you can also pick up a book to learn more about this topic.

Not a fan of reading? We also love the documentary The True Cost.

2. Buy locally and support small businesses

Supporting small businesses is a great way of shopping more consciously. You're supporting communities instead of putting your money in the pocket of a multinational. And in return, you're getting better quality and service. Read our 7 reasons to support small businesses here.

And a bonus: by buying locally, you're also avoiding unnecessary transportation.

3. Buy quality over quantity

When you choose high-quality pieces over a higher number of low-quality pieces, you'll notice your items will age better and last you longer. This often saves you money in the long run. And it's also better for our planet, as it saves valuable natural resources.

By investing in pieces with a timeless style, you can afford to invest more in high-quality pieces. Want to know how to create a timeless wardrobe that works for you? Here is our rundown.

4. Reduce your waste

This goes hand in hand with our last point. By choosing quality over quantity you don't have to throw away garments after a short period of time.

But there are many ways you can reduce textile waste in your wardrobe (we even wrote a blog post about it!). For example, by upcycling or swapping your clothes if you don't fit or like them anymore.

5. Go for sustainable and ethical brands

We like to think that every purchase reflects the world we want to be in. Being conscious about your consumption can inspire you to get support more brands who do good. Because when you consciously choose for brands that are committed to sustainability and fair treatment of workers, you indirectly improve the lives of people and animals around the world.

Find it hard to distinguish what brands are actually owning up to their values? Check out these handy sustainable fashion directories.

6. Go for sustainable and ethical brands

Maybe you recognize this scenario. You run to the store last-minute and pick up something that ''does the trick'', only to disappear in the back of your closet, virtually unworn...

A great way of avoiding poor buys is taking it slow. Before mindlessly scrolling through online shops or hitting up the mall, invest some time to find your personal style. Then create a shopping list with items that you need, and what their requirements are.

Pay attention to details and consider things like style, color, material, and price point. But also listen to your gut feeling. To quote Marie Kondo, ''Does it spark joy''?

Allow yourself some time to consider the purchase instead of acting on impulse.

Have you forgotten about it within a day? Then it may not be for you.

Still thinking about it in a week? It's probably a keeper and worth investing in.


Written by Jessica Teeuw

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