How to create a timeless wardrobe

Why we create timeless, handcrafted products

As an ethical fashion brand, we choose to create products that follow a timeless style.

We don't follow crazy fashion trends but make designs that stand the test of time and that preserve beautiful traditional Mexican craftsmanship.

Because we create durable, high-quality products, we make sure that they are appropriate for any age and our customers will love them for years. Having this approach, we reduce waste and create pieces that are worth the investment.

Better for you and the planet!

How to create a timeless wardrobe

As a conscious consumer, it can be very beneficial to create a timeless wardrobe. This allows you to splurge on more expensive items that will be with you for a long time to come. The following tips help you in this process.

1. Get to know your style

There are many opinions on what can be considered as ''timeless'' and ''classic'' items, but ultimately it's important to find out what works for YOU.

Spend some time in your wardrobe and figure out which pieces you wear the most often. What do you love about it? The material, the color or the fit? Do the same with items that just don't work for you. Identify what kind of clothing makes you feel most confident and like yourself.

2. Find out what works with your lifestyle

Be honest with yourself. What's your lifestyle? And what activities do you do most often?

Make sure your wardrobe fits your needs. It's no use having a dream wardrobe with pumps and fancy dresses if you're a stay-at-home mom who needs to be comfortable and practical.

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3. Pay attention to color

No matter how nice a piece is, if the color doesn't work for you, you're not likely to wear it. Don't underestimate the power of color! It can enhance your features or work against you. It can be very helpful to learn about what colors work for you with a color analysis.

For timeless style, try to steer clear of trend colors if they're not your cup of tea. Neutrals will always stay in style, just as colors that make you look radiant. But ultimately, wear whatever you like the most. These are the best investments!

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4. Invest in pieces you can style up and down

Over the years, your needs, lifestyle, and size may change. That's why it can be smart to invest in pieces that can transition with you during these changes. Key items like accessories, jewelry pieces, bags, and shoes will do just that.

Having items that you can style for fancier occasions as well as casual outings are great to get more bang for your buck.

For example, here at CANO, we love to wear our huaraches to the office as much as to the beach.

5. Invest in high-quality pieces

Buying quality over quantity has so many benefits. For a starter, you'll save money in the long run.

More importantly, there's a lot more thought put in the design. Having items with well-made, timeless silhouettes, materials and finishings will fit and look much better. This will ultimately reduce textile waste in your wardrobe.


Written by Jessica Teeuw

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