Supply Chain Transparency with NFC Technology

How CANO’s innovative technology will give consumers a deeper look into their shoes – and a deeper connection with the people who made them.

Consumers are turning away from fast fashion. They’ve begun to realize the high cost of cheap apparel. As they turn their backs on secretive supply chains that hide unethical sourcing and production practices, CANO brings them an alternative. CANO is a shoe brand committed to setting new standards of transparency, fairness, and sustainability in the fashion industry. As proof of that commitment, they plan to add NFC chips to every shoe.
These chips will track information on every artisan who works on an individual pair of CANOs so each shoe owner can see the source of his or her specific pair.

NFC chipping

With their NFC chip technology in place, each individual who buys a pair of CANOs will be able to scan the implanted chip with their smartphone. The chip will give the shoe owner information on every step of the manufacturing process, introducing complete supply chain transparency. By scanning their shoe’s chip, shoe owners will be able to find out which artisans worked on the shoe. They will see a full profile including his or her name, photo, and how CANO supports the artisan. Philipp Mayer, one of CANO’s founders, explains the importance of the NFC technology. "With this step, we offer absolute transparency for the customer and make people aware of the fact that every piece we wear is human-made,” he says. “We consumers have a direct impact on how these craftsmen are treated depending on how we value their efforts."

Recognition of artisans’ talent and time

This new technology empowers both CANO and its customers to give CANO’s artisans the credit they deserve for crafting beautiful footwear. These artisans blend traditional craftsmanship with modern design to create durable, comfortable, and fashionable shoes. Because CANO values their efforts, they pay fair wages, use fair manufacturing practices, and give 5 percent of the sale of each shoe to projects that improve the local living and working conditions of these artisans and their families.

CANO’s shoe line includes traditional huaraches, dress shoes, and boots. All products are made out of vegetable-tanned leather and are handcrafted in Mexico. To ensure the greatest impact on the local community and the lowest impact on the environment, we want to make sure that the whole manufacturing process takes place in Mexico. This includes all steps in the value chain, from sourcing the raw materials, to processing them, to the final creation of each shoe.
- Lukas Pünder, co-founder CANO

Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign October, 20 2018

To support its vision to install NFC chips in every shoe, CANO is planning a Kickstarter Campaign. The 30-day campaign will launch in mid-October with a goal of collecting $20,000 to realize this project. The success of the campaign will enable CANO to include the NFC chip in every pair of shoes and revolutionize the fashion industry’s supply chain transparency. CANO was founded in 2016 by Philipp Mayer and Lukas Puender. CANO is committed to giving people access to sustainably and ethically handmade shoes. They aim to put Mexican craftsmanship on the international fashion landscape and give the artisans the credit they deserve by introducing their high-quality, handcrafted shoes as a stylish, ethical, and sustainable alternative to fast fashion.

You are asking yourself how our transparency system works? Have a look at Lukas’ short vlog to see how we integrate NFC technology in our manufacturing process!


Written by Philipp Mayer

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