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Sebastian's Workshop

Sebastian’s Huarache Workshop is a family business in the second generation. For over two decades they have been specialized in handcrafting Mexican huaraches and always aim for highest quality and customer satisfaction. Sebastian himself works in the workshop, whenever he has the time. Mostly, however, he is busy with planning the production and purchasing the raw materials. The workshop stands for honesty, respect, positivism, commitment and solidarity. 

Read more about Sebastian's workshop here.

Hector's Workshop

Hector’s and Armando’s Boot-Workshop is a traditional family business. Hector started the workshop together with his father in 2003, when he was just 18 years old. While studying to become an engineer, he wanted to earn some money on the side, so he used some old machines his father had rented to teach himself how to make boots. He learned every single step himself. So, whenever they are short on workers, he has the skills to fill the gap. Hector is married and has just become dad for the first time.  

Read more about Hector's workshop here.

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