Update: 3% VAT Reduction to our artisans

In an earlier blog post, we explained how we came to the decision to use the German 3% tax reduction as an opportunity to our artisans' standard of living. In the past month, we have spoken to our artisans and discussed what we can do to enhance their happiness at work. Today, we share the outcome with you.

And the money goes to...

Implementation plan

It will take us a while to save up the money for the chairs. Sadly, 3% doesn't add up that quickly 😉 But based on our calculations, we can purchase the chairs in September. We start with 20 chairs and assess if we can invest in more of them in the coming months, depending on our sales.

We will keep you up to date!


Written by Jessica Teeuw

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Looking forward to Spring

"Very nice quality and they fit very well"

Cecilia B.

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