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CANO is committed to preserving traditional craftsmanship in a modern world. Together with our artisans, we are setting new standards of collaboration, fairness and transparency in the fashion industry. Of course, we try to do all of this as sustainably as possible.

CANO’s shoe line includes traditional huaraches, sandals, mules, and boots. All products are made out of vegetable-tanned leather and are handcrafted in Mexico. Furthermore, CANO also has a small handmade jewelry and crafts collection. The whole manufacturing process takes place in Mexico to ensure the greatest impact on the local community and the lowest impact on the environment. The weaving technique of the huaraches has its roots in the Aztec culture and has since been inherited and improved from generation to generation. The Mexican artisans behind the huarache dedicate their lives to keep the century-old tradition alive.


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"Der Schuh soll im übertragenen Sinne erzählen, woher er kommt, welche Materialien verwendet wurden und welche Schuhmacher bei der Produktion beteiligt waren."


"Transparency-focused startup company, Retraced, is using the tech to provide greater clarity surrounding the CANO shoe brand, keeping an in-depth record of the whole process, from the materials involved, to the people constructing the shoes."

"Produziert wird mit hochwertigen, umweltverträglichen Materialien und nach traditionellen Flecht- und Fertigungsmethoden. Die Schuhmarke CANO bietet handgemachte Schuhe bester Qualität, Made in Mexico."


"I’ve never been able to find my perfect shoe, until the CANO shoe." "CANO makes several different styles, my personal favorite is the Huaraches — they’re breathable enough for summer and versatile enough to dress up or down."