8 tips to take better care of your leather shoes

So, you’ve bought a pair of leather shoes. After walking them in, they feel like walking on clouds. You’re completely in love. But this is just the start. Just like any relationship, you need to put in the effort to make it last.

This blog post will teach you how you can treat your beloved shoes the way they deserve.

1. Protect your shoes

Leather shoes will be your trusty companion through rain and sunshine. But to prepare your shoes for different weather conditions, you need to give them some extra protection. A care product like the Collonil Supreme Protect spray will help them become more water-repellent and keep your feet dry.

2. Keep shoe trees in your shoes when you're not wearing them

Shoe trees are pieces of wood crafted to keep your shoes looking great. Often made of cedar or alder wood, they have moisture-wicking properties. Great for absorbing the sweat (or moisture, however you want to call it 😉) that builds up throughout the day.

4. Don't let things get too heated

Leather doesn’t like being exposed to hot temperatures for too long. So keep your shoes away from heat sources like radiators and fireplaces to avoid the material cracking or shrinking.

If you live in a country where summer comes with high temperatures, consider conditioning them more often to make sure the leather stays hydrated.

5. Avoid direct sunlight

Of course, you want to show your shoes in summer. I get it – and you definitely should! But whenever you’re not outside, it's best to keep your shoes away from direct sunlight. This will prevent the shoe from discoloring.

6. Give extra care on rainy days

Especially in Europe, rainy and snowy days are unavoidable. But especially in these grey times, your shoes need some extra attention.

When your shoes are wet, dry them gently by placing them in a dry spot with some newspaper inside that can absorb the water. Just follow the instructions on our product care page.

7. Don't be a stranger to your local cobbler

One person who can really extend the lifespan of your shoes is your local cobbler. Whenever your shoes are wearing out, he or she can help out by putting a new (leather) sole on your shoes. They also have the craftsmanship and machinery to repair any loose stitching and more than enough options for laces that are ready for a replacement.

And this is great for your wallet too. By spending a bit extra on the cobbler, you save yourself the costs of buying a whole new pair of shoes. That's why we're all about quality over quantity, as we explain in this post with 6 Ways to Become a More Conscious Consumer.

8. Properly store your shoes

Are you the person who stores away shoes when they’re not in season? Great, that saves a lot of space! But make sure your shoes are still good to go after storing them by adhering to these three rules of thumb.

First, remember to put shoe trees in your shoes. Secondly, put the shoes in cotton or flannel storage bags. This protects the shoes from each other, preventing the heels and soles from scratching the shoe uppers. Then, finish off by putting them in their shoebox.

This is a foolproof way of storing shoes to increase their longevity.

Want to learn how to create a timeless wardrobe that will last for years? Check out this article.

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Written by Jessica Teeuw

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